My Story

Elevate Natural Health was founded by Jami Hurd, HHP to bring the gift of natural healing to clients with many different health struggles so that they may have better health by nature, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Through my own health struggles with Lyme Disease and co-infections and a serious mold exposure, I have learned how useful natural therapies are in the healing process and I believe natural treatments can support the body to heal almost any health condition. These therapies include a clean diet of whole, organic foods, clean water, supplementation, essential oils or homeopathy for individual body systems and dealing with underlying infections. Other suggested therapies may include Sauna Detoxification, Photon Lumen Light Therapy, Colonics, Rife Technology, and Chiropractic Care.

Schedule your FREE 15 minute Discovery Session today so that we may help you have “Better Health, By Nature”.

Or, schedule your 1hr initial health evaluation which includes a FREE electro dermal screening scan for local clients. Long distance clients can also use this FREE opportunity if they have access to a ZYTO hand cradle. Ask me about the options for getting access to your own hand cradle.

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